Beleaf Cannabis – White Truffle S1 (Fem)

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Beleaf Cannabis – White Truffle S1

5 Feminized Seeds (Half Pack), 10 Feminized Seeds (Full Pack)

Linages: White Truffle x White Truffle

White Truffle is my hunted, selected and named phenotype of Gorilla Butter named due to her extremely unique and loud terp profile of White Truffles. A White Truffle is a type of mushroom that grows underground in very limited areas of Italy and is highly sought after as a rare and expensive delicacy. Famed for their aroma brought out by world class chefs the White Truffle pheno has an aroma almost exactly like a White truffle. She is Gassy with tones of Kerosene and nail polish along with garlic and earth. She can also show sweet tones under to complex gas like lemon and creme brulee. She is a joy to grow and produces dark purple trichome laden nugs of LOVE!!!





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