Compound Genetics – Perzimmon (Fem)

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Compound Genetics – Perzimmon

3 or 13 Feminized Seeds Pack

Linages: (Rainbow Cheddar x Gastro Pop)

We are Flying out to the Emerald cup and grabbing these genetics we will be flying back Monday evening orders will go out Tuesday and Wednesday

Perzimmon Rainbow Cheddar x Gastro Pop Rainbow Cheddar= (Zkittlez x UK Cheese) selected by Green Dot Aroma: Highly complex candy with skunk notes Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks Plant Structure: Potentially foxtailing bud, medium stretch and average plant structure Color: Dark green with light purple fade aided by cold temps Recommended Grow Style: Indoor, greenhouse Notes: This cross is an absolute flavor bomb! Rainbow Cheddar is a selection from Green Dot Labs that combines the world-famous terp of Zkittlez with UK Cheese, which creates a sweet candy flavor with a loud and complex skunk/savory experience. We are so excited to see what remarkable flavors come from crossing this Gastro Pop! Terps from selections during testing have rendered complex and intense candy terps from both Zkittlez and Gastro Pop, but with the underlying skunk/cheese terp from UK Cheese which translates that aroma to flavor and dials up the overall flavor experience to an 11. Rainbow Cheddar has a rather strange bud structure and is prone to foxtailing so phenohunters should focus on clones with organized bud structure.