Compound Genetics – Total Eclipse (Fem)

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Compound Genetics – Total Eclipse

3, 7, 13 Feminized Seeds

Linage King Slayer #8 X Gastro Pop #5
King Slayer #8 (Black Rose F11 X Royal Kush F10)
Gastro Pop #5 (Apples & Bananas X Grape Gas)
Flowering time : 8 Weeks
Potency: 27% – 30%
Yield: High
Aroma: Blueberry, Incense, Gas, Cream
Notes: The finished flower is absolutely stunning with possible some of the darkest and deepest purple buds we’ve seen. Terpene profiles vary between ones that concentrate on the blueberry, grape, and wine terps from Gastro Pop and Black Rose, while others feature more incense, gas, cream, which lean more towards the Royal Kush.



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