Exotic Genetix – Cosmopolis (Fem)

3,490 ฿


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Exotic Genetix – Cosmopolis (Feminized)

Quantity: 6 Feminized Seeds

Mother: Cherry Cosmo
Reversal: Gary Poppins
Family: 70/30
Sex: Feminized
Growing Conditions: Multi-Topped Bush
Height: Medium/Tall
Flowering Time: 56-63 Days
Yield: Very Heavy


She’s sexy and she knows it! Welcome to Cosmopolis ladies and gents where the terps are even better than the look! Yes she’s colorfully coated in ice, but her smell of effervescent fruit punch almost tingles your nose to the touch, and tastes even better on the palate. This is one of those flavors you keep wanting to roll around your mouth to purely enjoy the hell out of each pull from your favorite way or partaking. Although I haven’t made hash with her yet, my experience tells me between her gritty frost, and her insane terp load, I can only imagine the way this will hit in concentrates of all different kinds. Easily grown in the garden with little effort involved, and coupled with the incentives above, you will quickly find out why Cosmopolis might end up being your new EG favorite come harvest time!!!